MAI Xtra

Frequently Ask Questions


1) - Do you need to open bank account to use MAI Xtra?

No. you don’t need to open to use MAI Xtra. You can directly register with mobile phone number after downloading MAI Xtra.

2) - How to register for MAI Xtra?

Download MAI Xtra from play store for android and app store for ios then register on your own with simple steps:
  1. sign up with your mobile number
  2. fill the requested information to get verify
Please contact us when you need help for registration.

3) - Is there any charges to use MAI Xtra?

No, it is free of charge to use MAI Xtra. Just download the app then register and use it. It is totally free.

4) - How do I contact MAI Xtra for further help?

Everyone can reach out to us via

  1. Social media platform
  2. Call Center
  3. Sales Counter

when you need help.

MAI Xtra Account

1) - How can I reset the passcode if I forget my passcode?

  1. Press “Forgot Passcode”.
  2. Answer securities questions that you add your answer to when you register full KYC.

2) - How many user level in MAI Xtra?

There are 2 account levels in MAI Xtra. Level 1 & 2 and they are different daily transaction rate.

3) - What is low KYC account ?

  1. Low KYC account is the account that customers do not register their detail information and not upload the NRC yet.

  2. Low KYC account and Full KYC account are different daily transaction limit. Maximum daily transaction limit for low KYC is 200,000 MMK.

4) - What is full KYC account?

Full KYC account is the account that have been verified by verifying all the needed identity or personal information. Maximum daily transaction amount is 5,000,000 MMK.

5) - How can I process to be level 2 user account?

Go to 'Profile' then click on “Profile Detail”. And click “Upload Full KYC Account”.

After that make the below simple steps:

  1. Upload pictures of your NRC and signature.
  2. Provide your date of birth, residence address and email address.
  3. You will receive a notification once your account has been verified.

6) - Can MAI Xtra login in two devices?

No, you can’t login MAI Xtra on two devices. If you are login with another device, the first login device will be session expired and need to login back with OTP code and passcode.

7) - Can MAI Xtra be registered two accounts with the same mobile number?

No, it can’t. One mobile number can be registered for one MAI Xtra account.

(For security reasons, when you login to a new device, you will automatically be logged out of your old device. Only one device can be logged in at any given time.)

8) - Can change registered mobile number?

Yes, but you need to request to call center and need to provide strong reason. One thing is you need to change for your Sky Smile member register mobile number, co-branded card mobile number and MAI Xtra mobile number at the same time.

9) - How can I proceed when I lose my phone ?

Please immediate contact to call center and ask to lock your MAI Xtra account.